Care Instructions

  • Even though I have carefully crafted these to be sturdy and resist dirt,  fabric can be somewhat delicate.  Please expect some wear and tear.

  • The stiffness and texture are a direct result of the dirt resistant coating.  Please remember that it will soften with normal use.  

  • Air it out for a few days.  There may be a residual odor from the production process that usually dissipates after a few days.  If you are highly sensitive to smell and it has not,  please email me to discuss your options. 

  • Avoid overfilling.  The design is meant to allow you to carry only the necessities such as your phone, ID, 2-4 credit/reward cards, & a little cash.  Overfilling can stretch the slots and you'll have to over fill them continually.

  • Take care with use and placement of your clutch.  Exterior is water/dirt resistant, but please don't drop it in the sink, toilet, or swimming pool.  Especially with your phone inside.

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap if needed.  Avoid letting moisture soak in as it cold cause warping during the drying process.  Do not put your clutch in the washing machine or dryer.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures.  I use steam to help set the shape & it won't like being left in a sweltering hot car or in the direct sunlight for extended periods. 

I guarantee the quality of  workmanship, and supplies for one year from the delivery date. Please contact me if have any issues with either, and I will do my best to work with you to reach a solution.  

Thank You